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Why Travelling Africa Is So Easy With Us?

Everybody know that Africa is the heart of the Earth’s nature and for that reason travelling to Africa is always an exciting this that should happen. London Star Travel have the ability to show you Africa with its original essence and maintaining the financially economical aspect at the same time. With the help of our experienced staff we will make sure that you have the most comfortable and fascinating tour of your lifetime without any hustle and bustle. You can also get a free advice regarding any kind of customized options or deals that you can take anytime. For this just log in to our website or call us.

Cheap & Experts Flight Booking Since Long

We are renowned as the best and economical flight booking options in UK. We do not own the lodges and hotels, or operators of tours and activities. Our soul aim is to provide our customers with quality advice and astonishing experiences and for this reason they love us. You can just check out the reviews given by our customers.  Our expert panel being the residents of Africa can provide you an enriched advice based on your travel and desire to travel a specific locality free of cost. As a matter of fact, being the residents of Africa our expert update themselves by continuously discovering and searching for places that our tourists can go and enjoy safely. For the time being we are providing these cheap flight services for Addis Ababa, Dar es Salam, Entebbe, Lagos and Nairobi.


Promise of Being Cheap and Economical Flight to Africa

We have the mission to provide you services which a focus of “You” aspect. What you want? What you think about your tour? What price you expect from us? For that reason you will always get the best and economical price from us. Being good relations with Africa’s top operators permit us to present you the best rates and unsurpassed value possible without affecting the quality. We are confident enough to present the best prices that we offer however, in case you find a better price in the market, let us know, we will match it.


Best Service during Flight

We endorse your trip and act as a full-service partner for your safari adventure. It is our duty to match your choices and finance carefully to select lodges and activities – we can take care of your entire itinerary. We are passionate enough to take care of every little detail, making sure you have the most memorable safari experience possible. Every supplier recommended has been tried and tested by us to deliver exceptional service, great value and good business practices.


Complete Financial Protection

We are fully secured in respect of online bookings as protection from highly secured agents has been applied. Details can be seen by just clicking to our website londonstartravel.co.uk. So feel relax by undergoing online booking and take the opportunity to have the cheap and economical flight to Africa. Our world-class online payment system is endorsed by both Visa and Mastercard, and ensures your peace of mind.

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