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Why to Travel Somalia with Us!

Somalia although has been reputed on the negative side by the world. However, when it comes to tourism and travelling for vocations, this country hides in itself the precious sites and destinations that a tourist want to add up in his life. London Star Travel helps to achieve those destinations by arranging cheap and economical flight booking for Somalia, which makes it easy for you to travel to this country.

The outlook of the country is summarized below;



The largest part of Somalia is made up of dry and semi-dry plains and terrains, where grasslands and savannah dominate the landscape.

Northern Mountains

Northern desert hills and plateaus are resided by emigrants and their groups of animals. In this region, The best sceneries are between Hargeysa and Berbera – and besides Berbera-Burao road advance to the coastal plain in the central plateau. Ogo Mountains is so high that it ranges upto 2660 m along the coasts of the Midjourtin Mountains.

Southern Fertile Plains                                                             

At the south of Muqdisho , is Ethopia running along the river side, which is considered the only fertile land. The land in this tropical area is greener, straighter and monotone.


Somalia is situated in the northern regions by gulf of Aden and towards the Indian ocean heads the east. The area has the reputation of having some of the longest coasts.


The area has the splendid beaches along the Indian Ocean, but at the same time sharks are known to be present at most of them. Gezira beach is the famous, but the tourist has to find their way alone.

The fauna and flora

Due to the desert and dry climate, the shrubbery in Somalia is limited to scrubland and trees like the acacia. You will also discover aloes growing here along with woodlands on the upper plateau areas of the Ogo.

Somalia is home to many animals, including elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, crocodiles, zebras and a significant number of poisonous snakes. The government has aimed to protect certain species threatened by poachers and have created two wildlife parks.


Due to certain reasons Dromedaries populated Somalia: Somalia is the foremost dromedary-breeding country in the world. Before the war, there were many lions, elephants, hyenas, foxes, leopards, giraffes and zebras. War and drought have settled in the region, driving away monkeys, dik-diks (small antelopes) and warthongs – some still live around Moqdisho. But hippos and crocodiles mostly resides besides river Juba and Shebelle. There are several species of venomous snakes. South of Gelib is hopefully the expected national park of Lag Badana is home to several monkeys, gazelles and birds.

Plant life

Two types of plants are bases of the culture in Somalia. Frankincense is a fragrant gum taken from the resin of the Boswellia, which cultivates in Somalia and the southern parts of the Arab peninsula. Previously it has been used as a medicine and is an ingredient in incense and perfumes. One kind of plant known as “Qat” is produced in the horn of Africa, it generates euphoria and Somalis crush its fresh leaves.

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