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Travelling to Hargeisa with Cheap & Economical Flight Options with us

Located in the northwest Somalia, Hargeisa is the region that the world is unaware about. Despite of stateless and civil war status of the whole Somalia state, Hargeisa is different from the rest of Somalia. It is the capital of a unrecognized self-governing state known as Somaliland, came into being when the historic colony of British Somaliland combined with Italian Somaliland in 1960. Somaliland initiated to set aside from Mogadishu during1980s, therefore, when the Somali government failed in 1991, local leaders quickly moved to crush violence within their borders, publicizing independence and developing a new regime that has ruled over a relatively peaceful two decades. London Star Travel provides their customers with cheap flight options to Hargeisa.


Getting around is easy these days

This city is a populated state with an estimated of 1.2 million, which is almost 8 times to city’s population in 1970s. One may easily think with this stats that travelers may get lost. However, due to large in number and economical taxis and buses its easy to get around town.

Five Star Hotel Facilities In Town

Due to security and facility aspect most of the tourists prefer to stay in one of two hotels.

  • The Ambassador
  • The Maan-Soor

The Maan-Soor, is situated on the northwestern border of the city, secured through a blast wall, eternal armed guard, and careful staff often for high profile or foreign guests; However, the Ambassador presents facilities of same nature on the south side of town near the airport, suitable for temporary functions and conferences. Both turn out to be the top options in town for tourists from all over the world.

A lot of hotels in Hargeisa are completely safe, well equipped with facilities, and decorated with much colorful and varied characters who will willingly blend with you in this more relaxed environment. The staff members are a little more friendly and do help tourists in arranging anything they might need, from a SIM cards to trips into the countryside, all on the cheap. Oriental Hotel, is another highly rated hotel which is just blocks from Hargeisa’s main drag and serves a mean porridge.

This city is wired up

The incorporation of  telecom industry has been a hided success stories of modern Somalia. This market has given the opportunity of cheap cell phones, presenting some of the economical data and international call rates in the world, despite of having the element of strong signal even in rural areas. In addition to the above they have found to jigger their way into internet connections, often through coordination with firms in neighboring countries, which are strong enough to support most downloads and streaming. Mingled with fairly negligent browsing restrictions, this is a perfect recipe for international connectivity and entertainment in an otherwise remote part of the world.

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