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How Could Travelling To Bangkok Be So Easy

Today the tourism is being redefined as guided tours and is one of the greatest ways to get your attention as there are various other opinions available in the market. London Star Travel is famous, permitting tourists to travel cheaply and economically around the country’s iconic symbols. In case you decided a more active experience, you can adopt a range of different organized cycling tours in the city.

Bangkok Travel Tips:

Major Airlines:

Following are quality airlines that are providing airline service to Bangkok:

  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Thai Airways
  • Eva Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • China Airlines

Popular Tourist Spots:

Following are some of the fascinating places that are considered tourist’s place all over the world;

  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)
  • BTS Skytrain,
  • The Grand Palace,
  • Jim Thompson House

Things to do in Bangkok

A lot of things / activities are sponsored by this city to the tourists. People coming from all over the world could indulge themselves by visiting busy markets and shops. There are various sports activities like hiking, biking, bowling, golf, cue clubs, etc.


  • The most famous and ancient monuments are placed in “The island of Rattanakosin” also known as the ‘old town’ of the city
  • The Grand Palace presents a entire day of discovering and is also home to Wat Phra Kaew, the most holy place of country’s Buddhist temples, and the Emerald Buddha, a celebrated icon.
  • Wat Arun is its own kind of historic temple which can be visited through waters by boat.
  • Lumphini Park is a representation of peacefulness in the center of this active city, with plenty of shrubs.
  • Santichaiprakarn Park was constituted during 18th Century with some eye-catching views. It is also famous in residents, where they use to perform different magic tricks and various other activities of enjoyment.

Sports Activities

As well as martial art Muay Thai, running is a very common sport in Bangkok. Together with making chance for the visitors to discover parts of the city that are only reachable by foot, running here is considered a social activity, so it’s an opportunity to meet some new people. There are many running clubs available to join. Bangkok Bubble is a slightly changed type of a five side football in which players put on a large plastic ‘bubble’ over their heads and arms.

A City of Contrasts

But a trip to Thailand does not have to be all temples and religion. On the occasion of your arrival to Bangkok, plan your trip to visit the unique sights and smells of this bustling city’s jasmine wreaths being vend, the scent of feathery rice being cooked, and street stall holders shouting out their wares.

Cheap Flight Options

Catch one of the many flights Bangkok has to offer through LondonStarTravel.co.uk. We have devised customized deals that you will not be able to resist. We have much of your interest in the eve of your desire to travel to Bangkok, and we assure you that you our services will make you think of one of the most pleasant and life time travel to Bangkok.

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