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Heart of Middle East – Doha

Doha is famously known as the shopping haven of Middle East. Shop to your heart’s content in this world class city, while catching a sneak peek of the traditions of the intriguing Arabian culture at the same time. London Star Travel provide the tourists to travel to Doha with cheap and economical flight options and at the same time tourist / travelers can adopt customized options as per their economic desires.

Doha is one of the most visited cities in the entire Gulf region. The cityscape of Doha is dotted with museums, old forts, ancient monuments on one hand and some major shopping centers, theme parks, posh restaurants on the other. It has managed to catch up with modernization, keeping the spotlight trained on its rich culture at the same time.


Museum of Islamic Art

The building of Museum of Islamic Art looks like the Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo. The museum is designed by the famous architect, I.M. Pei who won the Pritzker Prize. It is truly a beauty! Once you visit the museum, don’t forget to avail the free guided tour in English and Arabic which is on Thursday and Saturday at 2pm and takes around 40 minutes. Another attraction to look out for is the MIA Park which is adjacent to the museum and has the best vantage point in the city.


Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art

Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is located in the Education City in Qatar Foundation. It is led by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. The Mathaf Museum is part of Qatar Museums. With over 9,000 works, it is world’s largest specialized collection of modern art. Do attend the exhibitions on historical and experimental programs which all art lovers will enjoy. Also visit the Maqha-Cafe for a good time with loved ones.


The Corniche

The most attractive and fascinating part of Doha has to be The Corniche. Surrounded by greenery, mind blowing modern architecture and skyscrapers, this place is really a beautiful destination for all. So while you visit Doha, do remember to walk along the long stretched, horseshoe shaped bay which runs for almost 7 km. The most mesmerizing thing to do here, is to watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise which will surely take your breath away.


Barzan Towers

Constructed in the year 1910, The Barzan Towers was used as a watchtower to stop the Ottoman soldiers from attacking. Now when you visit the place, you get to see the stunning Arabian sky with a beautiful view of the sea. This ‘T’ shape tower is one of the most amazing structures of Doha. The perfect view of the nature with gorgeous palm trees makes this place a must visit destination. This tower in Doha is open 24 hours to its visitors


Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is a place one should visit in Doha to spend quality time with friends and family. The village is a treat to the eyes and should be visited specially during winters. Known to be a destination especially for food lovers as it offers various cuisines. Not to forget this village also offers fun activities for children of all ages. It basically gives hope to human through art and cultural exchange. The beautiful theaters even have all the cutting-edge facilities.


Al Nahham Restaurant

Al Nahham Restaurant is situated in the stunning Banana Island. To reach the island, you need to take a 30 minutes boat ride from Doha Corniche. The Arabic cuisine served here is one of the best in Doha. The sea food is a fusion here which will leave you asking for more. Don’t forget to try the shisha which comes in different flavors. This is a must visit restaurant for a different and yummy experience with the view of the sea.

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