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Heart of Middle East – Doha

Doha is famously known as the shopping haven of Middle East. Shop to your heart’s content in this world class city, while catching a sneak peek of the traditions of the intriguing Arabian culture at the same time. London Star Travel provide the tourists to travel to Doha with cheap …

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How Could Travelling To Bangkok Be So Easy

Today the tourism is being redefined as guided tours and is one of the greatest ways to get your attention as there are various other opinions available in the market. London Star Travel is famous, permitting tourists to travel cheaply and economically around the country’s iconic symbols. In case you …

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Why to Travel Somalia with Us!

Somalia although has been reputed on the negative side by the world. However, when it comes to tourism and travelling for vocations, this country hides in itself the precious sites and destinations that a tourist want to add up in his life. London Star Travel helps to achieve those destinations …

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Why Travelling Africa Is So Easy With Us?

Everybody know that Africa is the heart of the Earth’s nature and for that reason travelling to Africa is always an exciting this that should happen. London Star Travel have the ability to show you Africa with its original essence and maintaining the financially economical aspect at the same time. …

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New Ways to Book Cheap Flights to Berlin & Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities and the capital of Massachusetts, the United States. And Berlin, the capital of Germany is known for its turbulent history. In case anyone desires to plan a trip for either of the places (i.e. Berlin or Boston) then following are the important points …

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